Utility interest and emphasis on the modeling of generators and their associated control equipment is driven by several factors including deregulation of the electric utility industry throughout North America and the blackouts in Western and Eastern power grids

Tests are performed on generators and their control loops for the following reasons:

  • confirm dynamic response of generator controls during initial commissioning
  • locate problems during troubleshooting
  • develop accurate mathematical models
  • satisfy regulatory requirements

Kestrel offers a complete package of generator testing services from development of initial test plans to actual performance and complete documentation. This service offering is complemented by our expertise in the design of software, hardware and training products to assist utilities in increasing their competence in this increasingly important area. Our specialization in these areas and decades of field test experience has made us one of the primary contractors for NERC and Regional Compliance testing throughout North America.

Kestrel is in contact with the designers of all new major generator control systems and has been instrumental in championing the integration of special test and control features, including the integral of accelerating power-based stabilizer into many new systems. Detailed design knowledge coupled with our extensive tuning and testing experience provides us with special insights into the practical implementation and setting of generator controls on all types of generator designs.

Kestrel has tested over 1000 generators since our inception in 2000. Together with our partner organizations, we can mobilize trained personnel to any North American location.




NERC Compliance